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The first fully open and decentralized environment for promoting impactful ESG initiatives.


Tokenize your certified carbon credits and other ESG assets and get instant access to the global market.

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Transact carbon credits easily, quickly and securely.


Operate your carbon credits and other ESG assets transparently and objectively.

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Offset your carbon footprint in just a few clicks.

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Get potential passive earnings in TakeCarbon's Liquidity Pool.

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Make your investments count towards impactful ESG Projects.

TakeCarbon qualifies as the fairest, most scalable platform for generating, trading and retiring carbon credits in the on-chain environment. Watch the video

Our Purpose

TakeCarbon is a DeFi and ReFi Blockchain Protocol focused on helping the Voluntary Carbon Market and other ESG initiatives reach their full potential.

Take is the Japanese word for bamboo, an effective carbon sink and important nature-based approach to mitigating climate changes, that also bears a powerful symbolic and mystic significance of values in many eastern cultures.

Moral integrity, loyalty, prosperity, longevity, durability, strength, flexibility and resilience are aligned with TakeCarbon’s essence.

Furthermore, as in the blockchain culture, bamboos thrive in communities, which conveys a message of cooperation and solidarity, and are also formed by nodes to guarantee their capacity of exponential growth.

That's our purpose:

Empowering individuals and communities.

Provide access to the carbon credit market on a planetary scale, fostering environmental sustainability and boosting carbon projects with certified co-benefits.

Worldwide sustainability.

Contribute to the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the targets of the Paris Agreement, through a scalable business model that allows all stakeholders in the value chain to connect in an intelligent, agile and secure way.

Governance and transparency

Provide the very latest in governance and technology on a decentralized platform, connecting stakeholders and fostering transparent relations and initiatives related to carbon offsetting around the world.

Challenges addressed.

Low liquidity, price formation, high transaction costs and arbitrage, heterogeneity of types of carbon credits, lack of credibility and transparency, lack of funding for project development.

We emerged from the view that human beings are an inseparable part of the Environment

Carbon offsetting is a journey, not an end in itself.

It is our belief that carbon offsetting is not an end in itself, but a journey inducing real changes in the lives of entire populations living in situations of economic and social vulnerability around the globe.

TakeCarbon offers a way to address the challenges and remove the current market inefficiencies through the use of WEB3 technologies, especially blockchain, focusing on decentralized and regenerative finance applications, known as DeFi and ReFi.

We stand out by our innovative business model, focused on excluding the middle man and maximizing the revenue of the originators of carbon credits, allowing the greatest part of the resources to go where they are needed most.

TakeCarbon is the natural choice for premium carbon credit projects.

Value Proposition

Provide cutting-edge governance, transparency and technology by leveraging a decentralized platform that connects different stakeholders, fostering relations and initiatives related to carbon offsetting and other ESG assets around the world.

ESG Protocol

TakeCarbon is a decentralized finance protocol that allows creating, negotiating, speculating, trading, and consuming ESG assets globally through blockchain and Web3 technologies.

Sustainable development agenda

We contribute to achieving both the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement goals. Our strategy involves using a highly scalable business model allowing all value chain stakeholders to connect seamlessly, in an intelligent, agile, safe and with negligible transaction fees.

Carbon credit token

Naturally, the first ESG asset to be transacted in the platform is carbon credit, which is a tradable unit that represents one metric ton of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions or removals.

Other indirect external factors such as community and biodiversity maintenance, sustainable development, clean water, waste reduction, among others, will also be promoted in the platform in a really innovative way.

Decentralized finance and blockchain technology

TakeCarbon was created to solve “real world problems” (off-chain) by leveraging spearheading technology and governance provided by blockchain and web3 systems (on-chain).

Business Model

Carbon offsetting is the journey, not the destination.

  • Who we are

    A DeFi and ReFi Blockchain Protocol focused on helping the Voluntary Carbon Market and other ESG initiatives reach their full potential.

  • What we are doing

    Contributing to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals and the targets of the Paris Agreement by using a scalable business model which allows value chain stakeholders to connect efficiently.

  • How we are doing it

    Blockchain technology, DeFi and ReFi solutions applied to mitigate information asymmetry & financial arbitrage, lower transaction costs, enable transparent price formation and value perception, maximizing return for projects with co-benefits and offering high quality carbon credits to final consumers, sharing governance with the community along the way.

Moved by

Fostering local actions with global impact, through the integration of on-chain and off-chain environments, companies, organizations and any participant institution, enabling carbon offsetting and helping to boost and exponentiate the market.

Our Solution

TakeCarbon’s main innovations are designed to solve major hindrances and challenges currently faced by carbon compensation and offset markets, such as:

  • Adoption of decentralized finance tools (DeFi), such as liquid pools, automated market makers, in order to promote fair and updated pricing and financing in the market.

  • Developing efficient smart contracts to regulate transactions among value chain users, reducing transaction costs by removing the middlemen. Such contracts are open-source, auditable, scalable and with the highest security features available.

  • Using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to guarantee carbon credit originators, and later, offsetters obtain a unique certification of such credits, which cannot be altered, falsified or stolen.

  • Minting ERC20 tokens unique to each impact project, ensuring certain exclusive characteristics which can boost credit prices are present, providing a higher value and scarcity to high-profile projects.

Questions and answers about us

TakeCarbon is a DeFi Blockchain ESG Protocol focused on helping the voluntary carbon market and ESG initiatives reach their full potential.

What are the main issues affecting the carbon credit markets of the world currently?

Low liquidity, uneven price formation, high transaction costs and arbitrage, lack of special treatment for unique types of carbon credits, low credibility and transparency, and shortage of funding for project development.

How can TakeCarbon take advantage of this imbalance?

Providing the very latest in governance and technology on a decentralized platform, connecting stakeholders, and fostering relations and initiatives related to carbon offsetting around the world.

What problems do we solve?

TakeCarbon addresses important challenges of the Voluntary Carbon Markets, such as high transaction costs, arbitrage, price formation, illiquidity, small earnings for projects with co-benefits, and low volume of credible carbon credits available to final consumers.

Does TakeCarbon have any business model validation?

We are attracting strategic partners that acknowledge our solution as the best fit for their needs and our value proposition as unique when compared to known initiatives, both on-chain and off-chain, such as project developers, investors, NGOs, and incubators.


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